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Welcome to the new version of our tool to unscramble words; we redesigned the site to work even better on mobile phones. Scrabble version here: scrabble helper. Loads 90% faster and uses up to 95% less data.
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Need To Unscramble Words

Trying to find words to play for scrabble or word games? Stuck with a really hard newspaper puzzle? Never fear, behold our tool that can unscramble words.

Simply enter your letters into the solver; it will load quickly, since it ismap designed to work well on mobile phones. Once the solver has your letters, it will try to unscramble a word for you. The possible words are sorted by length.

Need more options? Then check out some of our other projects. We built tools to unscramble letters. We also built a word descrambler, an anagram maker, a jumble solver, and a word unscrambler. So I guess you could say we've got the range of possibilities well covered. If you need to figure out how to unjumble a word, we've got an answer for you!

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